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Welcome to Jamunai Tea Company

Started in 2016 Jamunai Tea Company has built its reputation on providing the best Quality Tea.

We Establish our business with the vision to provide customers best quality product keeping there health issues in mind.

From the establishment date of the company we having the good support of customers and our best employees support too. This Support helps us and motivates us to keep going in a way of achievement of success.

We organize various schemes with our tea marketing for our valuable client. Schemes Like we provide some of the household things on buying of tea in huge amount.

We provide the Following types of tea at our company.

  1. Black Tea
  2. Choklet Tea

About Jamunai Tea Company

Established in the year 2016 Jamunai Tea Company has Build there reputation providing best quality tea with different varieties.

About Mr. Anil Raghunath Parchand

Mr. Anil Raghunath Parchand is the proprietor of Jamunai Tea Company.

Our Location:

Narula Business Center,
Cabin No. 52, Lokmat Square,
Nagpur - 440010